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Every $1 spent on direct mail advertising brings in an average of $11 in sales – more than twice the return generated with any other medium. Over the past several years, advertisers have seen that highly targeted, relevant mailings can be significantly more effective than a non-targeted "shotgun" approach. Utilizing digital print technologies allows the opportunity to produce relevant and targeted direct mail pieces that will invoke action from the recipient.
Direct Mail

Increased relevance leads to unforgettable results. Direct Mail is a valuable, effective way to connect with your customers through highly targeted, relevant mailings that address their individual interests and needs.

Transactional Promotional

Cross over to real cross-selling power by leveraging variable data printing to add personalized customer promotions to your monthly transactional documents. Transactional interactions with customers can become a new marketing vehicle, increasing revenues and improving customer relationships. Century will work with you to develop an effective, sustaining Transactional Promotional program which will increase revenues.

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